Sony MDR-W08L Headphones Review

March 5, 2011 · Posted in Reviews 


  • The Sony MDR-W08L is ultra light weight and thin when it comes to its design
  • Very cheap as compared to other running headphones in the market today
  • Comfortably fits anyone no matter what the size of your ear canal may be
  • Looks and design are better than most headphones in its price range


  • Sound quality is passable, but definitely show its age as compared to the headphones in the market today.
  • Bass is shallow and certainly not for users looking for the audiophile experience
  • Not very durable as most people complains that it is too thin for its own good.


Sony MDR-W08LUndeniably, the Sony MDR-W08L is one of the cheapest running headphones that you will be able to find in websites like Amazon today. The price of this product is around eight dollars, which is definitely a bargain as compared to the headphones that you will find in your local store. You may be surprise to know that this particular model, has been around for more than a decade now. But despite of its age, it is still one of the best looking earphone device that is below the 10 dollar price range.

The Sony MDR-W08L is one of the thinnest and lightest headphone of its kind. It is very comfortable to wear and it does not fall of easily from your head even while you are running. Because this product utilizes an in-ear design, anyone will be able to wear it comfortably even if their ear canals are relatively smaller than most people. It does not have any noise isolation feature, and it is fairly easy to hear what is happening around your environment. While this may prove to be disadvantageous to those who want to simply focus on their exercises and not be bothered by random events, this can actually be quite useful to those who prefer running outdoors. This way they will still be able to hear if a car is approaching near them and avoid unnecessary accidents.

The problem with this pair of running headphones is that it is already relatively old when it comes to the technology that it uses. The sound quality is not as good as what more recent headphones possess. Some people even complains that the bass system that it has is just terrible, and that it is only good for FM radio and not really for listening to your favorite music.

The Sony MDR-W08L is not also as durable as it should be. Although its thin design does a lot for its look, it also easily breaks if the user mishandles it. This may not be ideal for those who train vigorously with their workouts as there are better headphones out there that can withstand any types of environment. However, if you are just beginning with your workout routines and you can’t really afford the best headphones in the market yet, this is definitely worth your consideration. As long as you are not looking for excellent sound quality, this pair of headphones will be able to satisfy your needs.

Bottom line: The Sony MDR-W08L is one of the cheapest running headphones around. It’s design is relatively better than most headphones at its price range and it can comfortably fit anyone. However, the sound quality is not as good as most recent headphones have, and its bass system is considered terrible by a lot of people.


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