JVC HAEB75B Headphones Review

March 5, 2011 · Posted in Reviews 


  • One of the most affordable running headphones in the market today
  • Adjustable clips to accommodate different ear shapes and sizes
  • Sweat Proof
  • Lengthy cord to accommodate gym workouts


  • Can cause some discomfort in your ears during long periods of use, as its ear piece is made of hard rubber.
  • Sound quality is still not as good as other sports headphones
  • Other people can hear what you are listening to


JVC HAEB75BThe JVC HAEB75B is one of the most popular running headphones in its price range today. Although it is a bit more expensive in comparison to the Sony MDR, a lot of people favors it because of its better design and sound quality.

This running headphones can easily be fitted on anyone’s ears as it features adjustable ear clips to ensure that it can be safely secured to eliminate the risk of accidentally dropping them while you are in the middle of your training session.  A lot of people have complained though, that the in-ear device this particular product is using is harder than it should be. As such, wearing this item for more than 45 minutes can cause you some discomfort in your ears.

The JVC HAEB75B also comes with a cord that is longer than what most sports headphone have to offer. While having a lengthy cord may be annoying to some runners, this proves to be quite favorable to those people who lifts weights in the gym. This also allows its owner to use this product for other purposes as well, and not just for running.

Surprisingly, even though the JVC HAEB75B only cost around ten to fifteen dollars, it is already designed to be splash proof. What this means of course, is that you can train with it as hard as you want, without having to worry about its integrity, as it will not easily break even if it is exposed to rain water or excessive amounts of sweat. This pair of running headphones is perfect for all types of athletes as it is good enough to withstand different environment conditions.

If you are looking for a relatively affordable sports headphone, this JVC model is certainly worth your consideration. It has all the basic features that most people require when it comes to running earphones, as it is both durable and stable when it comes to wearing it on your ears. However, you should not expect excellent audio quality at this price range. Although this pair of earphones can produce loud and clear sounds, its base system is simply not good enough to compete or even to be compared with higher end models.

If you are the type of person who has been pampered with high quality audio devices, this item may not be enough to satisfy your audiophile needs. However if you are simply looking for a cheap product that can accompany you during your runs and allow you to listen to your favorite playlist, then this may just be the right product for you.

Bottom line:  The JVC HAEB75B may not be the best pair of running headphones around, but it is certainly better than most cheap products. It comes with adjustable ear clips to ensure that this product remains secure on your ears no matter what your activities are. The only problem that most people have with it, is that its in-ear device is made out of hard rubber, which can be uncomfortable when used for a long time.


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