How To Pick The Best Running Headphones For You

June 18, 2009 · Posted in Articles · Comments Off 

There are dozens of great running headphones out there to choose from. If you’re looking for something that can handle the jostling and endurance of a good solid workout, or even a casual workout, you should have no trouble finding something perfectly suited to your needs.

To pick the best running headphones for you, you will have to decide what you are looking for in a variety of different aspects. Below are the three major choices you will make in selecting the pair of headphones that will accompany you on your next run.

How do you want them to fit?

Just like cross country running shoes or running spikes, fit is one of the most personal choices that influences running headphone selection, and one that comes with probably the greatest number of different options. The main fit styles for running headphones are:

  • Classic top-band headphones. This is becoming less popular, but people with ponytails often find bands that go over the top of the head the least conflicting with their hair.
  • Ear-buds. Standard earbuds fall out, but special rubber running earbuds are designed to stay in. Earbuds put no pressure or rubbing on the head or neck and are the simplest style.
  • Ear clips. Like earbuds but more secure, these slip around the back of the ear and require no head or neck support.
  • Back of the head. This is often more comfortable than top of the head, but as noted above may not work with certain hairstyles.
  • Neck band. Running headphones with a neck band are generally very lightweight and comfortable. They don’t dig into the head at all.

Wire or no wire?

As things go more and more wireless, running headphones have been a big beneficiary of this technology. If you have an MP3 player with Bluetooth technology (or a Bluetooth cell phone with MP3 storage), wireless headphones are definitely the way to go. Nothing to get tangled in, trip on, tickle your neck, or worry about breaking.


This is all about preference. Do you want bold sporty colors or the sleek, minimal, futuristic look? Once you choose layout and wire configuration, style is left, and that’s all based on just what you like.